Monday, September 17, 2018

Website: American Experience

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE from PBS is a television series exploring the people and events that shaped American history.
With nearly thirty years of episodes, this long-running program contains a wide range of useful topics for students and teachers.
The film section features full-length episodes. Users can search by key word or topic. Searchers can also locate those currently available for viewing. Most of the episodes include links to additional information, video clips, image galleries, behind-the-scenes footage, and digital shorts.
The videos selection includes short (1-5 minute) video clips and digital shorts that are perfect for focused classroom activities.
The articles area features articles, collections, maps, and other resources that can be accessed by topic or media type.
Librarians will want to mine this website for programs that connect with specific curricular topics. Beyond history, many of the episodes can also be woven into lessons across the curriculum.
To visit the website, go to