Wednesday, June 29, 2016

App Review: Touch Van Gogh

TOUCH VAN GOGH from the Stitchting Van Gogh Museum is an app that encourages children to explore paintings in detail.
Users explore nine iconic works by artist Vincent Van Gogh. Using multi-touch functions, students can discover the secrets of the artist’s painting techniques. Youth are also able to dive below layers of paint to explore the secrets concealed in each work.
Users begin by selecting a painting to explore. They can then click for information about the painting or select from the exploration tools. They can select from options such as when/where, subject, color, hidden detail, frame, recycling, canvas, and other options depending on the painting. Each tool zooms in on the painting and provides exploration tools along with explanations.
Each of the nine paintings provide a framework for exploring a different aspect of the artist’s works. For instance while exploring the Field with Irises near Arles painting, users learn about the work of the restorer in rubbing away layers of varnish. Explore Van Gogh’s self portraits, gardens, and homes.
Based on complex materials-technical research, librarians will find this app to be an excellent way to immerse youth in the works of Van Gogh. Pair this app with books related to the artist’s life and works as well as titles focusing on painting techniques.
Available from the App Store and Google Play. To download the app, go to…/about…/apps/app-touch-van-gogh.