Monday, May 09, 2016

Technology Review: Fuel Economy

FUEL ECONOMY is a U.S. government website and app focusing on fuel economy information.
Whether comparing the fuel efficiency of cars or learning about hybrids, this website full of useful information. Users can find and compare cars, learn how to save money and fuel, find out about the importance of fuel economy, calculate fuel economy, explore hybrids and electric vehicles, learn about EPA ratings, and more.
The Find-a-car app helps users compare fuel-efficient vehicles by providing fuel cost estimates, safety ratings, and other information.
Librarians will find many curriculum connections for this website and app. From a science perspective, the resources provides information about alternative fuel sources and how cars consume fuel. For math connections, explore the fuel savings calculator, vehicle cost calculator, and data sets. Think about interdisciplinary projects that connect STEM activities with informational reading and financial planning. Teens love cars, so this website and app is an excellent way to motivate young adult and connect them with real-world problems and solutions.
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