Monday, April 20, 2015

Book Review: Lost in NYC: Subway Adventure

LOST IN NYC: A SUBWAY ADVENTURE written by Nagja Spiegelman and illustrated by Sergio García Sánchez combines an exciting urban adventure with a fascinating informational reading experience for young learners.
A TOON Graphics book, the story features a school field trip that goes awry for a member of the class when he gets lost in the subway on his way to the Empire State Building in New York City.
This beautifully illustrated book features subway maps, collages with historical photos, subway symbols, and visually stunning graphic story elements.
Spiegelman’s carefully researched children’s book contains both a realistic fiction element along with carefully researched information about the history and geography of New York City and it’s unique subway system.
Available in both English and Spanish versions, this is a must-have book for elementary libraries. Both urban dwellers and those longing to visit the city will find the authentic story and background information appealing.
This outstanding graphic work is excellent for both visual and verbal literacy activities. It’s likely to be on lots of “best of 2015” lists this year.
Download an outstanding teacher’s guide to go with the book at
Published by Toon Books on April 7, 2015. ARC courtesy of Edelweiss.