Friday, May 01, 2015

App Review: Recycling is Fun

RECYCLING IS FUN by Charles Ghigna is an adorable informational app focusing on ways children can recycle.
The bright, attractive visuals and basic animation are geared specifically to young readers. The font is clear and easy to read. Each word is highlighted as it’s read aloud.
The “Auto Play” option automatically moves through the book as an animated slideshow with audio narration. Starting and stopping are the only controls.
The “Read to Me” option allows users to control movement forward and backward through the story. In addition to the audio narration and animation, this option also provides an interactive element involving children in activities such as finding items on the screen. Young readers can click the text to have it read aloud again and again.
The “Talking Time” option provides activities associated with the recycling theme. Users can record their voice, play with story items, search for missing items, and play a heart game.
Readers will enjoy the easy, engaging, rhyming verse. Adults will appreciate the clear message about recycling. Librarians will want to add this to the growing number of quality informational reading apps for young children.
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Published by Capstone Young Readers in 2015.