Monday, June 01, 2015

Book Review: Return to Augie Hobble

RETURN TO AUGIE HOBBLE by Lane Smith combines elements of humor, tragedy, and paranormal activity into a quirky middle grades novel.
Angie needs to do a “creative arts project” for summer school. Since he lives in an amusement park managed by his father, inspiration is everywhere in the form of fairy tale characters and theme park attractions. From comics and photography to illustrated short stories, Smith weaves in a wide range of visuals into the story. Between project ideas, Augie must deal with bullies, an amorous Cinderella, government agents, and a shocking tragedy. And, he may be turning into a werewolf.
This witty and weird work will be popular with middle grades youth familiar with the illustrations of Lane Smith. While the book is humorous, it deals with serious topics including bullies and death in a way that will appeal to children. Lane Smith’s first novel is a step above the many other books for this age that bridge fantasy and reality. While the story stands alone, it could easily be turned into a series.
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Published by Roaring Brook Press on May 5, 2015.