Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Technology Review: Find Sounds

FIND SOUNDS is an easy-to-use search engine for locating sound files.
From sound effects for use in podcasts to bird calls for science projects, Find Sounds is useful for locating a wide range of sound files. Users can locate audio files by file format, number of channels, resolution, and sample rate.
The website provides a useful page of example searches for topics such as animals, birds, holidays, household, insects, mayhem, musical instruments, nature, office, people, sports, tools, vehicles, and entertainment.
Librarians will find this tool to be useful when working on audio projects with students. Use the search engine to locate file types that can then be edited using software such as Audacity.
Keep in mind that the website doesn’t include an option for identifying copyright information so students should check out each individual sound to determine how they might be used and the process for providing credit for use.
To visit the website, go to