Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hella Rumschlag - Sun. Oct. 11 to Tues. Oct. 13, 2009

Hella Rumschlag is the media specialist and technology coordinator at Mohawk Trails Elementary School in Carmel, IN. Start learning about Hella by reading a brief bio at - rumschlag.html.

Mohawk Trails Library Media Center -media-center/

Hella is an active member in ILF and AIME; she is a presenter at the upcoming conference. She has been able to effectively collaborate with teachers and students in her building. Helen uses Moodle for a YHBA (Young Hoosier Book Award) program and also supports several teachers with their use of Moodle in the classroom. She is about to launch another collaborative Moodle between two grade 2 and 3 transition classes at two different schools.

Hella's extensive background makes her an excellent resource for discussion on career change, combined responsibilties for technology and library media, and other topics directly related to schools and learning.