Wednesday, July 29, 2015

App Review: DIY Nano

The DIY NANO app is a fun way to learn about the scale of atoms and molecules.
Developed by The Lawrence Hall of Science, the app involves youth in investigating nano science and how it’s changing our society.
The Activities section contains activities related to Size and Properties, Tools and Techniques, Nano and Nature, and Nano and Our Lives. Each activity begins with a question followed by a summary, materials, instructions, and explanation. High quality images accompany each activity. Related videos are also provided.
The Video area provides access to 1-10 minutes videos focusing on specific topics related to nano science.
The WhatIsNano link provides access to the website. This website may be used without access to the app. It contains information about the annual NanoDays events each spring, nano exhibitions, and information for educators about nanotechnology. Many of the resources from the app are available online website as well as many additional resources.
Nano science is currently very popular in schools. Consider hosting a “nano” event in your library. Create your own exhibition that includes hands-on activities, book resources, and displays.
To access the website, go to