Saturday, August 20, 2016

Website Review: Remembering Lincoln

REMEMBERING LINCOLN explores the reactions of people to the Lincoln assassination and the stories behind these responses.
Produced by Ford’s Theatre, the “Explore the Story” section describes the circumstances of President Abraham Lincoln’s death and the reactions that came from people in all walks of life. A timeline, map of responses, and focus on specific people are intended to help students immerse themselves in the time period and the personal reactions of people to the Lincoln Assassination.
The “Browse All Responses” section contains hundreds of primary source documents including photographs, objects, newspaper articles, diary entries and other items that remember Lincoln.
The “Curated Collections” section provides a few focused examples such as memorial cards, children’s reactions, and mourning ribbons.
Librarians will find this website to be useful in teaching about primary source documents. By focusing on a particular event, librarians and history teachers can explore the wide range of primary sources produced at the time and help student reflect on the various perspectives represented in these documents.
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