Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Digital Spotlight: Behind the Veil

BEHIND THE VEIL is a digital collection documenting African American Life in the Jim Crow South.
Contents: Housed at the Duke University Libraries, this collection includes 410 recorded oral histories tracing African-American life in the segregated American South through the mid 20th century. Users can locate oral histories by interview state, birth state, interviewee, gender, or occupation. Audio interviews include a transcript.
Classroom Connections: Teachers will find that these interviews provide personal insights into life during the Jim Crow era. Students will be attracted to the audio format. Ask students to listen to an interview and compare it with the experience of others in their small group.
Featured Digital Objects:
Dora Strong Dennis, Domestic Worker…/behindtheveil_btvct01115/
Easter Hinton Sanders, Educator…/behindtheveil_btvnc03032/
Booker T. Federick, Day Laborer…/behindtheveil_btvct03034/