Saturday, October 21, 2017

Book Review: Press Start!

PRESS START! by Thomas Flintham is a new adventure series from Scholastic’s Branches chapter book collection.
Each story features a child playing a video game. Like the child in the story, readers are immersed in the game world.
GAME OVER, SUPER RABBIT BOY! kicks off this series featuring Super Rabbit Boy, the star of a video game. 
SUPER RABBIT BOY POWERS UP! features nasty King Viking who seeks special powers to defeat Super Rabbit Boy. Our hero must overcome a series of obstacles in the Secret Land to beat King Viking to claim the Super Power Up first.
SUPER RABBIT RACERS! Immerses readers in an exciting racing video game featuring Super Rabbit Boy, King Viking, and other characters trying to win the Super Cup Power Up challenge.
Librarians will find this series a hit among newly independent readers who enjoy video games. At least two additional books will be available in 2018.
Published by Scholastic in 2017. ARC courtesy of the publisher.