Monday, April 25, 2016

Book Review: On The Edge of Gone

ON THE EDGE OF GONE by Corinne Duyvis is a young adult, suspenseful science fiction novel told through the eyes of an autistic teen.
With a comet headed to Earth, rich (or useful) people have found permanent shelter underground or reserved space on a space going off-planet. However, a vast majority of the world’s population is stuck in temporary shelter and must find a way to survive. Will Denise and her family survive on Earth or will they find a way onto one of the generation ships?
As an autistic woman, the author is able to draw on her personal experiences to create a complex, realistic lead character.
Librarians will find that this apocalyptic novel is a step above the norm. With fully developed characters and a non-stop survival theme, readers will be thinking about the novel long after its conclusion. The diverse cast and powerful, thought-provoking story appeal to a wide range of young adult readers. However, some readers may shy away from its length.
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Published by Abrams Kids on March 8, 2016. ARC courtesy of the publisher.