Saturday, January 12, 2019

Book Review: Over on a Desert

OVER ON A DESERT: SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD by Marianne Berkes is a picture book exploration of the driest places on Earth and the animals who live there.
A short description, map, and illustration are provided for each of the ten featured deserts. Each scene shows creatures in their native habitats and are depicted using high-quality collage techniques. In addition to introducing the deserts, the book can also be used as a counting and number book with younger children. The very short narratives will appeal to young readers. The book concludes with additional background information, activity ideas, and even a song.
Librarians will find this book to be a useful read-aloud book for a desert themed unit. Young children and primary-aged youth alike will enjoy both the short narratives and the predictable counting theme. Use this book to kickstart a unit on desert habitats.
Published by Dawn Publications on September 1, 2018. ARC courtesy of the publisher.