Saturday, April 30, 2016

Website Review: Ology

The OLOGY website has been providing engaging science activities for youth for over 15 years.
Sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History, the web-based learning environment explores fourteen different topics including anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, biodiversity, brain, climate change, earth, genetics, marine biology, microbiology, paleontology, physics, water, and zoology.
Users can complete dozens of activities including games, stories, hands-on activities, and videos. By registering at the website, students can collect Ology cards hidden throughout the project.
The Ology for Educators section provides free, research based curriculum materials connected with Earth, life, and physical science content for K-12 students.
Librarians will find this amazing website to be an excellent opportunity to immerse youth in science. Use the website in a learning center focusing on one of the ology topics. Include books and materials in the station to support the hands-on activities. Change topics every couple weeks for a year-long science experience in your library.
To visit the website, go to