Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Book Review: 2018 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide

THE 2018 YOUNG EXPLORER’S ADVENTURE GUIDE edited by Sean and Corie Weaver is the fourth book in this annual anthology.
Containing 24 science fiction stories for middle grade readers, this short story collection includes a wide range of topics from robots to space travel. Many of the stories include diverse characters and connections to contemporary themes.
Librarians will find this anthology to be useful in introducing readers to new authors including both established writers along with newer authors. Of particular note are the many stories featuring female and diverse characters.
Published by Dreaming Robot Press on December 5, 2017. ARC courtesy of the publisher.

Website Review: The Hidden Dangers Project

THE HIDDEN DANGERS PROJECT teaches children about the importance of clean water around the world.
The interactive website contains four stories focusing on clean water hazards including the bacteria monster, trash monster, metal monster, and chemical monster. Each section includes text, images, video, and interactive elements. The project also features a case study video discussing the project, a downloadable experience, and a 360 video.
Librarians will find this to be an effective resource in teaching about clean water. Collaborate with both social studies and science teachers for an interdisciplinary unit focusing on this global issue.
To visit the website, go to