Friday, October 10, 2014

Book Review: Strike! The Farm Workers' Fight for Their Rights

STRIKE! THE FARM WORKERS’ FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS by Larry Dane Brimner explores the complex history of farm workers movement. Like many works related to this topic, union leader César Chávez plays a central role in the story. The narrative traces the creation of the United Farm Workers union and the use of protest techniques such as boycotts along the way.

What makes this work of nonfiction for youth exceptional is its focus on the cultural, social, and political tensions of the time period. Brimner’s well-research narrative and balanced approach addresses controversial topics such as racial tensions and issues of religion related to the movement.

The book’s design will appeal to middle grade readers. Visual elements can be found on almost every page and quotes from key players are woven into the text. However, additional headings and subheadings could be useful in assisting readers in locating information within the chapters.

The inclusion of photographs, maps, and other primary resources (e.g., telegraph message, cartoons paintings, posters, sketches) make it a useful book in addressing Common Core Curriculum standards. In addition, the author’s note, timeline, further readings, source notes, index, and other elements add to the quality of the text and its usefulness in student research.

Larry Dane Brimner is known for his well-researched, visually rich works of nonfiction for youth. Other titles include Birmingham Sunday, We Are One, and Black & White. Learn more about the author at

This book would be an excellent addition to any nonfiction collection for youth.

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