Friday, February 20, 2015

Book Review: Zoology for Kids

ZOOLOGY FOR KIDS: UNDERSTANDING AND WORKING WITH ANIMALS by Josh Hestermann and Bethanie Hestermann is an engaging introduction to the science of animals.
The book is divided into two parts: Zoology for Beginners and Working on the Wild Side - Zoology in Real Life. The first section explores animal form and function, behavior, and habitats. In the second part of the book, readers examine the various careers associated with animals including zookeepers and aquarists, veterinarians, researchers, and conservationists.
The writing is geared to middle grade readers with appealing examples and interesting descriptions. While it includes scientific vocabulary, key words are bold-faced and a glossary provides definitions of these terms. In-depth side-bars and special pages feature interesting facts, background information, and career spotlights. The attractive cover, inviting layout, colorful photos, and inviting illustrations will appeal to student readers. Additional resources and a bibliography are designed to extend the experience.
Twenty-one, hands-on activities are woven throughout the book. From baking edible animal cells to testing your sense of direction, these fun experiences involve readers in meaningful projects that require both creative and critical thinking related to animal life. Teachers will find these activities to be an effective way to address science standards and children will simply enjoy the hands-on experiences.
Readers who enjoy Zoology for Kids will also want to look for other books in the Young Naturalist series including Awesome Snake Science!, Birdology, and Insectigations.
This work of nonfiction will be popular with youth who want to learn more about the science and care of animals. Librarians will find Zoology for Kids as well as the other books in the Young Naturalist series to be outstanding additions to the science collection.
The book is available in both paper and ebook editions.
Published by Chicago Review Press (Available March 1, 2015). Publisher e-ARC used for review.

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