Thursday, March 19, 2015

Book Review: Read Between the Lines

READ BETWEEN THE LINES by Jo Knowles explores the ordinary live of people in a small town from ten different perspectives.
While the characters from the various chapters interconnect, each chapter stands alone and contributes to the “read between the lines” theme. While this quiet work of young adult contemporary fiction, lacks the memorable personalities and powerful social commentary of many popular YA novels, the slice-of-life approach will appeal to those seeking a straight-forward drama.
Reluctant readers who enjoy realistic fiction may be drawn to the short vignettes told by various voices. However, the lack of “over-the-top” drama may lose some readers.
For librarians seeking middle-of-the road realistic fiction for teens, this is a good choice. However, don’t look for it on the bestseller lists.
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Published by Candlewick Press March, 2015.

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