Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tech Review: Mathcubes

The MATHCUBES apps from SchoolCubes are a fun and motivating way for children to practice their basic math skills.
Both the ADDITION & SUBTRACTION FOR KIDS and TIMES TABLES FOR KIDS use similar formats. In each case, an adult sets up the app based on the problem presentation approach for the particular region of the world. Both visual and auditory cues introduce and provide feedback for each problem. Multiple languages are available.
Mathcubes uses a well-researched correction system designed to help children succeed. The app constantly checks student answers and adapts to meet the child’s needs. Assistance is provided for those needing help and more challenging exercises are presented for those ready for more complicated problems.
A built-in rewards system motivates students to reach new levels. The positive reinforcement woven through the system provides learning support that keeps children coming back for more.
The simple touch-screen design, appealing visual support, large animated numbers, and useful audio support all contribute to the success of these quality apps. In addition, a smoothing music component contributes to the environment rather than being distracting for users.
The MATHCUBES apps would be an excellent addition to primary grades library iPads. They would also be a great choice for those who supervise special needs students.
To learn more about the apps, go to http://www.schoolcubes.com.
To access the apps, go to https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/apps4needs/id864191082.

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