Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Book Review: Mr. Postmouse's Rounds

MR. POSTMOUSE’S ROUNDS by Marianne Dubuc is the charming story of a mouse postman who delivers mail to a variety of interesting creatures.
This adorable picture book takes readers from house to house as Mr. Postmouse makes his rounds. Each creature’s living space is displayed as a cross-section. Children will be delighted by the funny situations and fascinating variety of habitats.
Dubuc’s amazing illustrations will appeal to readers of all ages. The many tiny details found in each drawing will encourage re-reading and provide lots of opportunities for I-spy games.
Librarians will enjoy exploring each page with children. Pair this book with nonfiction works showing cross-sections. Or, seek out other picture books that explore life below ground or animal homes. Teachers will discover endless ideas for writing activities such as selecting a house from the book and writing about a day in the life of the creature that lives there.
Published by Kids Can Press on August 1, 2015. ARC from NetGalley.

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