Monday, November 02, 2015

Website Review: Zooniverse

ZOONIVERSE is a website that provides users the chance to participate in real discoveries through citizen science projects.
This collaborative volunteer project lets users contribute to real-world, cutting edge research across content areas including the sciences and humanities.
Participants can jump into dozens of current projects including transcribing historical documents, recording the life of chimpanzees, and characterizing bat calls.
Daily Zooniverse provides engaging, quick resources and activities that would make great lesson starters.
The Talk area provides a place where users can ask questions. The Blog shares the latest project news.
The companion website, ZOOTEACH contains high-quality lessons and resources that connect with the citizen science projects in the areas of sciences, mathematics, humanities, and arts. Resources are available for K-12 and higher education.
Librarians will find the many authentic projects a great catalyst for inquiry and learning. Use one of the projects to jumpstart an investigation in your library.
Visit the website at
Visit the lessons at

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