Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Technology Review: Ninja Kitchen

NINJA KITCHEN is a fast-paced, food safety learning game.
Published by New Mexico State’s Learning Games Lab, the interactive helps middle school youth learn about safe food handling skills. Users learn food safety practices and how to prevent food borne illness. As students play the game, they must make decisions about prepping high-risk foods, safe cooking temperatures, and cleaning their workspace.
Ninja master Sensei takes students through a series of levels as they serve customers. Early in the game users learn about the importance of washing their hands and avoiding food contamination. As they work their way through the levels, players learn increasingly complex skills and concepts related to safe food preparation. The music and sounds effects can be turned on and off by users. Players receive money that can be used to purchase items at the store. They also receive rewards that are featured in the Trophy Room.
Librarians will find that this addictive restaurant game is an excellent way to teach the principles of food safety. Work with teachers to create a display that includes food safety books and other activities.
To access the online game, go to http://ninjakitchengame.org/

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