Tuesday, August 09, 2016

App Review: Ace Academy

ACE ACADEMY apps explores the history and science of fragile wood and fabric biplanes through a series of engaging, interactive experiences.
Developed by the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, the app begins with the basics of flight and proceeds to fascinating topics such as aerial photo-reconnaissance to airplane identification. Short animated videos narrated by a guide introduce each “flight training topic”. Users explore an aircraft, then complete a hands-on activity related to a key flight concept. Users proceed through nine sections learning about science and flight as they go. Users collect metals along the way to open up new levels. The program ends with a solo mission.
Librarians will find a large audience for this motivating learning experience. While some students will be attracted to the history, science, and flight information, others will simply enjoy the interactive flight aspects. Of particular note is the way that primary sources are woven into the experience. Weave this interactive app into an interdisciplinary project connecting history and science teachers.

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