Saturday, September 17, 2016

Technology Review: Science Friday

SCIENCE FRIDAY is a website and app featuring science audio programs on a wide range of topics.
The website features listen, explore, educate, and participate sections.
The Listen section features the latest podcasts as well as the audio archives. Each program includes the audio program along with visuals, text, additional information, and the opportunity to discuss the episode.
The Explore section provides access to news and entertaining stories about science. This section includes articles, audio, and videos. Educational materials are also available for some programs. Users can search, explore by type, or browse by topic.
The Educate section provides free STEM activities, lessons, and resources for parent and educators.
The Participate section provides ways that website users can get involved in various aspects of science.
The app allows users to browse podcasts along with other STEM content. Users can build custom playlists.
Librarians will find this website to be an easy way to promote STEM across the curriculum. Highlight episodes in the library or weave the podcasts into the science curriculum. Also, use the audios to promote listening skills and audio information literacy.
To visit the website, go to

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