Monday, May 15, 2017

Technology Review: Midomi

MIDOMI is a music website with an audio search tool, exploration options, and a singing feature.
Users can either do a word search for an artist, song, or album. One of the most interesting aspects of this music tool is the ability to “sing or hum” a tune. Simply sing or hum at least second seconds of a song like “you are my sunshine” and it identifies places on the web where that song is available. The website also contains a section where users can explore a wide variety of music by genre or language. Finally, users can try their skills at singing with the Studio Tool.
Librarians will find that young singers will enjoy the singing and humming options available. Teachers may find it a useful tool for locating specific songs or music in particular genre.
This music search and discovery tool is also available as an app called SoundHound.
To visit the website, go to
To download the app, go to

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