Saturday, September 22, 2018

Book: Alpha - Abidjan to Paris

ALPHA: ABIDJAN TO PARIS by Bessora is a heart-wrenching graphic novel tracing a migrant’s experience from Africa to Europe.
The stark, simple illustrations and informal typography reflect the painful plight of a West African refugee struggling to reach Paris. In hopes of connecting with his wife and child, this poor cabinetmaker sells everything and navigates the underworld of fake passports, refugee camps, and smugglers in hopes of a better life. The author’s first-person perspective places readers at the center of this troubling, yet realistic story.
Librarians will find young adults drawn to this powerful graphic novel. Use the book as an opportunity to talk with youth about the work of Amnesty International. Connect readers to works of nonfiction and websites focusing on the challenges of the migrant crisis.
Published by Bellevue Literary Press. ARC courtesy of the publisher.

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