Monday, December 08, 2014

Website Review:

CLIMATE.GOV is an outstanding U.S. government website from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) focusing on high-quality scientific data and information related to the climate.

When students are doing research on climate change, global warming or other climate-related topics, they often run into biased sites that are “pro” or “con” rather than informational sites that contain useful facts to support arguments and make decisions. The NOAA Climate website provides quality news and information students can use in STEM projects.

The HOME page links to recent topics of interest. It also provides a Global Climate Dashboard containing a quick-look at useful data in the form of graphs related to climate change, climate variability, and climate projections.

The NEWS & FEATURES section provided featured articles, along with access to departments of interest. The images and video section is useful for student projects. The event tracker may help youth focus on a particular event such as a storm or flood that may be associated with a larger climate issue.

The MAPS & DATA section explores global, U.S., and regional data.

The TEACHING CLIMATE section is designed for educators. It provides access to reviewed resources in major areas of climate research. Resources are also organized into formats including visuals, video, demos & experiments, and interactive tools.

Finally, the SUPPORTING DECISIONS section is designed to help communities manage climate-related risks. The topics in this section would be exciting for students to explore when considering the impact of climate change on society and the environments.

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