Monday, December 22, 2014

Website Review: Figment

Involve your students with an exciting online reading and writing community called FIGMENT. #figment 

A social network for writers of all ages, this website provides an engaging environment for writing, reading, and interacting. Many of their activities and contests revolve around upcoming and recently released young adult novels. School libraries use the site for after-school and summer programs and clubs.

Participants known as “Figs” begin by creating a login and profile. Keep in mind that students must be at least 13 to participate.

The LIBRARY is a place to locate and read the creations of participants. Users can search by genres. Figs can “like” and comment on what they read.

The SPOTLIGHT section provides a selection of readings from both professional and novice authors. Fan fiction, contest winners, and other collections of writings are featured.

FIGMENT CHATS provide a chance for participants to ask questions of professionals. Chats are active for a week, then archived. Recent discussions can still be accessed.

The GROUPS are a place where Figs can meet, talk, and often collaborate on reviewing and writing projects. Both private and public groups can be formed. Many educators use this area for classes and clubs.

The FORUMS is a place for public, threaded discussions on a wide variety of topics.

The DAILY FIG is a blog containing news and information for Figs.

The CONTESTS section is popular with teachers and librarians. Many of the contests are associated with young adults books and themes.

The POLLS & QUIZZES section is a fun way for Figs to share their ideas and opinions.

Educators are encouraged to sign up for a free educator account that provides access to special features and opportunities.

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