Thursday, June 04, 2015

App Review: Plants

PLANTS by TinyBop is the second interactive playscapes app in The Explorer’s Library.
Designed to “spark discovery and a deeper understanding of the world”, this science app focuses on the world of plants. Geared to ages 4 and up, very few instructions are provided. Instead, users are encouraged to click and drag their way around the interactive app environment.
Users begin by creating an avatar. The app is organized into interactive dioramas that explore grasslands, forest, and desert settings that youth can explore. A crank icon reveals a menu allowing the user to turn labels on and off, change languages, control volume, and adjust other settings. Users also use the menu changes diorama and explore in-depth features.
As users explore each scene, they encounter more in-depth diagrams of plants that highlight particular features. Moving or clicking elements trigger features such as daylight or rain showers. A slide is available so users can even see a cross section underground. It’s also possible to zoom in and back out of the diorama.
A PDF version of the Plants Handbook is available to download and print. It contains lots of ideas for helping children work their way through the app.
This amazing app is highly recommended for elementary libraries and science classrooms and can be used across grade levels.
To learn about the other apps in this series, go to
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