Friday, August 14, 2015

App Review: Choose Your Path

CHOOSE YOUR PATH from the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is an engaging app focusing on bullying prevention. This interactive learning experience was designed as part of the museum’s Power of Children exhibit.
Youth choose from three settings: online, playground, or classroom. Before getting started, users have the option of setting up their own name and avatar, a friend, and an adult. Users are then faced with a dilemma that’s shown on the screen and also read aloud. The audio aspect can be turned on or off. Participants are given four choices and instructed to drag their choice into a box. The user is then provided informative feedback about their selection. After the challenge, users are asked whether they’d like to choose a different path within the same challenge or select another challenge area.
Because the app only contains three dilemmas, it won’t take long for youth to complete the activity. However, the experience is an fun and effective way to review at the completion of a lesson on bullying prevention.

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