Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Website Review: Admongo

The ADMONGO.GOV website helps tweens learn about advertising so they can become more discerning consumers.
Sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission, the multimedia campaign teaches advertising literacy concepts through engaging interactive games.
After creating a login, students begin the experience by learning to navigate the gaming environment. They then work their way through a series of challenges. For students who prefer to skip the gaming aspect, an interactive text-version of the learning experience is also available.
The learning environment presents participants with a series of experiences where they learn to identify advertising and marketing messages. Then, tweens are asked to apply critical thinking skills to make informed consumer decisions.
Parent and teacher sections provide lesson places and teacher videos. Educational materials including lessons, worksheets, and family handouts are aligned with national standards. The materials can be downloaded or hard copies can be ordered for free. In addition, a help area and glossary are also available.
Librarians will find this website to be an engaging way to teacher consumer literacy skills.
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