Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Technology Review: Be a Martian

NASA’s BE A MARTIAN app and websites immerses students in experiences and information related to Mars missions.
The app is divided into sections exploring a wide range of tools, information, and activities.
The Featured section contains Mars posters, quick facts, and cards.
The See section focuses on visual representations of Mars including raw images from Curiosity, Mars as art, Mars photographs, short videos, and animations.
The Learn section explores Mars missions, Curiosity’s journey, news, videos, and information.
The Ask section allows youth to ask a question of NASA scientist Dr. Phil Christensen when he’s available.
The More section connects with NASA websites. The Be A Martian website extends the app experience and the Mars Exploration website contains news, information, and multimedia resources focusing on the Mars program.
Between the app and the websites, librarians will find endless resources exploring the Mars program for all grade levels. Consider developing a display that incorporates a tablet with the app, a laptop with the website, books, and focused, hands-on activities.
To download the app, go to…/app/nasa-be-a-martian/id543704769.
To visit the app website, go to
To visit NASA’s Mars Exploration website, go to

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