Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Website Review: NASA's GeneLab

NASA’s GENELAB website explores cutting-edge biology experiences conducted in space.
The resource begins with a fascinating video that examines how the GeneLab is used to conduct unique scientific studies.
The Discoveries section features news and information about the data being collected, the strategic plan, and specific experiments.
The Data section links to the GeneLab Data System 1.0 website. This open-access, online searchable data repository houses information collected from space biology experiments. Users can browse sample data sets. This area is just getting started, so more research will be available in the future.
Useful for secondary students interested in cutting-edge science, librarians will find a wealth of interesting resources. This website provides “real world” examples of space biology work so students can see how experiments are conducted in space. Although the science is likely to be beyond secondary student understanding, it may provide the foundation for further exploration.
To visit the website, go to

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